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Hope to all the good people  
09:09am 29/05/2013

Sometimes you do get the last laugh. Take it up with God though. vengeance shall be mine saith the Lord. It does not say there shall be no vengeance its just up to God to determine and sometimes, just sometimes it is warranted .

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The grasshopper and the ant  
09:02am 29/05/2013

There once was an ant she was thinking about the future. Had a plan was serious about life

Along came the grasshopper. He asked the ant what she was doing.

This is the conversation that followed

Ant: I’m preparing for the future. I’m surrounding myself with family and making sure those around me are really my friends. Preparing for when I’m old and no longer young and beautiful.

Grasshopper: That’s stupid. Ha ha ha you have plenty of time. You can put it off a day or two. See me I’m fun loving. I have a life. You need to live more in fact you can waste your time with me we’ll have fun.

Ant: We only have a hundred years to live a 40 is not the new 20 eyes grasshoppers’ pot belly. You can always relax after you’ve done your part in society and built up your empire.

Grasshopper: Yeah, well you’re no fun. Fun loving people like me need no responsibilities. I need time to have fun and play my days away.

Ant: Suite yourself. Just remember THIS ant is not going to take care or be around your liver spotted butt when you get too old. Hope you have enough to last the winter…and everybody gets old.

Ant and grasshopper part ways.

To all you player men out there, no matter how study, how rich, how charismatic you think you are, there will be a winter in your life. And all the family oriented, altruistic, giving, hard working women you despised will not be around for your self-serving have fun butt. Hope you have enough crack whores and MILF’s desperate enough to put up with your responsibility hating nonsense. *Interchangeable with horrible women, or anyone

The grasshopper and the ant is timeless.

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I'm back  
07:03am 08/05/2013
Brief stint at attempting things non cyberspace. Life is like that sometimes it ebbs and flows. When you don't have much going on you come on line when your life in real time is dynamic and a lot is happening you focus more on that. Internet is for the down time. Like waiting, or resetting goals, or mistakes, or reassessing priorities anything. When I'm older and have more time to spend reflecting/imparting wisdom it will probably be expressed by me sharing more on line. Right now I'm young and have a lot to learn. I partly left due to the fact I don't feel qualified yet to impart wisdom to anyone, yet that is what I wish to write about. Then I realized it can be for the interim in between stages of my life and things that go on. every time I disappear and return from any project I will return anewed and improved. Having gained something by way of learning experiences and just reflections and changes. So this is my kind of explanatory post. But hey all in all this is my space owned by livejournal of course and I can write about what I want. Haters be darned. Have a wonderful May day.
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check box here  
03:26am 24/09/2011
tags: wisdom
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Words of wisdom  
03:25am 24/09/2011
What's right isn't always what's popular.

and...What's popular isn't always right.

When you agree with everyone to please them all...you lose everyone including yourself and your values and self-respect.

being agreeable isn't always a virtue, sometimes being brave enough to say something even if you aren't liked is way more virtueous

you can still be a nice and good person without having to agree with everyone

when you agree with everyone you may become an inconsistant hypocrite and a liar and that is way worse.

Do the right thing at all costs.

You will get farther in life.

tags: wisdom
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Something is wrong...something went wrong Very wrong...  
03:14am 24/09/2011

Stunning observation. Two disclamers first.

1.Any people I talk about I dont know personally, although I have seen people from a distance and aquantance level no one I know explicitly, so please excuse me if I am wrong/you dont fit what I am talking about.

2. I do not profess to be smart, or at the top of any ability. Perhaps, It is something I do not see...but hear me out. Plus I am not a career woman. I suck.

Okay, crazy observation...when most people think of a money making woman what do you think of? Lets say a CEO or a high professional woman one that makes a substansial amount. Has a lot of contacts/opportunities?

Okay picture her...

If your like most (including me, guilty here!) you think Ball-busting, over bearing dominant etc. stereotypes. Type A ...on and on.

Okay what do you picture a woman being like in her personal life i.e. friends, spouse, family, etc social/realtionship wise.

If you are like most people once again you have a stereotype....Either single and lovin' it! you know typical Feminist to the max only want a dog and lover. Or a woman who is ball busting and beats her husband.

Bear with me, I'm ad libbing as I type...

Here's where it gets strange............Now I have noticed sevral woman in the above category who match the stereotype. But, there is a growing group of women who make a lot and/or find success in career/network/intellectual endevors that are very interesting.

Now I dont know (this is where the disclamer fits in) if they show a false stereotype to the world, suit wearing tough etc.
But on the internet (bear in mind anyone online could be lying, misleading, or not reading the way they appear to the world right.) Seem more like scared confused women. Not women in charge. THESE ARE WOMEN CEOS???? and Im no feminist but you would think for anyone to do a job properly (not a narcissist opposite extreem at times) you would need to be sure and good at what you do.

I am not trying to be mean just trying to analyze here...its what my mind does. I seem more confident than them and less naieve...Like i said i could be wrong maybe they are smarter than me or do a specific job or change natures IRL or something. But, somehow I have a sinking supision besides the fact that most women good at work type stuff HATE OTHER WOMEN...that male cliental has a direct result of improving the success rate of certian types not that they are bad...frilly, emotional, and unsure and gulible even in sex and love. Able to be conned and hatred of other women in one way or another. 

I am not a feminist I hate bad people equally and I stay the hell away from hardcore careerists or intellictuals as a lot of them are jerks male and female. But, I have to say Im shocked at you men. Youre right women have way more opportunities in work nowadays no such thing as the glass celing but ever wonder why??? Maybe a few select male bosses promote certian types of women from the top down then those women are the standard even over other men. Not only female bosses but your fellow male bosses selling you out for a boob or a pleasnet demeanor...or whatever not for who can get the job done. The men at the top still are ruthless.

Gives a whole new meaning when men say they want a "Career woman" they want a barbie doll that makes money for them. Not a sweet girl with other aspirations and no money or even a stronger woman who is at the top but doesnt fit the "modern female CEO" Get with the program people I wonder which is it they want...not that anything the ppl at the top do is to the benefit of the little people. But if you want a top notch company hire the best...or if you want sweet women...forget about being the best. Me...I'm out. Good day people. People who have the most brainpower still rule at the end of the day wherever they are in life.

Personal story: I was always good at sales, now I'm paranoid it was only because I was cute and a girl and young....as when people dont see my face...I suck. So thats what got me thinking....

mood: confusedconfused
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Best comment ever  
02:36am 24/09/2011
From A Partial objects comment post...

trytothink says:

( partial quote) "This man was truely sick on many levels. After his “lost love” is done bitch slapping this man-child for a few thousand years, maybe he will awaken from his delusional stupor to see what an arrogant clown he was..I feel sorry for his family and loved ones that have to deal with the grief and sadness that he has caused…and for you posters who like to play intellectual patty cake with this subject…not really the point of this article. Many of your comments clearly show no experience on the receiving end of a loved ones F- you to the world."

Original Post on Partial Objects...

AMEN!!! Made my week!

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(no subject)  
07:14pm 20/09/2011
What everyone thinks a narcissist is/ What a narcissist actually is...

everyone thinks: Thier Self-loving "im the best"

in reality: Most are self -loathing. they have no feelings of love even twoards themselves. Of course half of them say that on the surface to lie to get narcissistic supply from others. The other half use self-pity and woe is me hatred.

Everyone thinks: They think they are the best person in the world

in reality: once again a disconnect from what they SAY...in reality The think they are the ONLY person. Everyone else to them is just an object they have no feelings.

Everyone thinks: narcissists show no emotion

in reality: they can con you into believing they feel and even con themselves and the only feeling they show are self serving, like anger, and sadness. The emotion that is hardest for them is GUILT they have no conscience.

Typical narcissist most think is one:
A temper tantrum brat...who says me me me.

In reality: Anyone can be one you wouldnt know it they lie through their teeth.
he/she could be:

A temper tantrum having brat...
A self loathing misanthropist
A misogynistic jerk
A materialistic woman
A bad parent
A workaholic that doesnt care only about making a buck
A person who commits suiside
An attention whore
A pleasure seeking frat boy
A woman who sells her body
A celebrity
A perpetual victim who keeps trying to tell everyone to feel sad
A bully
A masocistic pain loving person
A person who keeps getting into bad relationships and uses it as an excuse to hate

Do you see anything here? Anyone of these people may or may not be one. THey could either just be a really messed up or a person with issues OR they could be a narcissist, The only way to know is to be in that persons head and its impossible. Of course youll find out if you get personally involved and that person becomes abusive or neglectful or doesnt have a conscience.
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Narci-what??? I'm no narcissist!  
10:30pm 19/09/2011
Narcisistic Woman: I am the best, How dare he say I have to act right in a relationship. I am a strong woman on my own. Now where is prince charming to worship me and do everything I desire. Prince, Price oh princy I need some new shoes? What was that? I dont care if times are hard, Thats it fine I'm cheating on you.

Narcissistic Man: Bow down to me, I dont care if you are a whore you are the hottest chick. You will marry me and have my babies. What? You want to be single why? Why? You say you are just a stripper with AIDS but your my stripper and if you shall leave I shall beat up the next five men that buy you and kill myself by shooting myself in the head Oh, notice my money please.

Narcissistic Mother: Now darling, you father was a pig and you are a boy so you are a pig too. I'm your mamma Im the only woman who will ever care for you fathers dont care. All women are queens but only if they are liked by your mamma dearest. Now, Get back to work dear you need to slave for a woman always.

Narcissistic Father: My ex wife was a bitch It was all her fault. I had to cheat she wasn't pleasing me anymore. All women are bitches son, you have to marry the horney one for lust or take money from women before they golddig you. Remember listen to papa I got your best interested at heart. If you want you can end up just like me single and ready to mingle at 64 now why didnt that 22 year old call me back, bitch!

Narcissistic child: Parents always on my case why cant I have sex with 10 guys. Its not like anything is going to happen to me. They are just inhibiting my fun. I should be able to do anything I want this is a free country. SHut up mom and dad I'm an anarchist, If I want to not work my whole life and go to prison I cant do it if i like. Im the one who knows the most. I know more than you old farts.

Narcissistic Teacher: Why do all the kids act up, little brats. I am the best in the world. Cant they see I am the teacher of the year, now where did I put that pot oops mustve left it in the classroom. Stupid kids.

Narcissistic Politican: Worship me, for I am your savior. I am the only one who can get you out of this mess. Hear that, only ME! What was that no people cant do it on their own they need a leader. And who is best called but me it is I. Yes, I make a million a year and live with servents but I am one of the little people. And I will say anything to get elected.

Narcissistic....Well You get the point. Sound like majority of the people. That's why this world sucks no more no less the epidemic of narcissism even when you think you dont have it.
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D Head  
10:14pm 19/09/2011

Guy: Hot chicks are bitches.

Me: why do you think so

Guy: they leave and cheat on you with assholes

Guy: women suck

Me: am I not a woman?

Guy: no you dont have DD's and your not sexy

Me: Remind me again why women cheat on you?

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